Process Evaluations

We provide our expertise in planning & designing stage for upcoming industrial / residential projects to achieve
  • Self sufficiency in Water & Energy
  • Green & Eco friendly Development

To take a decision on
  • To set up a new Water / Waste water / Sewage treatment plant
  • Need to augment your existing treatment facility
  • Need expertise to submit the tender
  • Small eco- foot prints

Consultancy for
  • Designing and Engineering for proposed Water and Wastewater Treatment plants.
  • Tender preparation, Equipment sourcing, vendor finalization, project coordination and execution for treatment plants.

We offer our technical expertise by making detailed projects estimates and proposal for systems so that you can get approved for management or you can give it to your customers

It is not true that lowest coated system is the best system we offer our services and technical opinions to make you to understand what is the impact of that system.
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