Grey Water Treatment Systems

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Introduction :

Grey Water Treatment Systems

  • In Indian Mythology, Trishna means Thirst.

  • In the present context of Water Scarcity, Thirst for Water is the concern, for any living being in developed as well as in developing country. This is because the available Natural resources of potable water are becoming insufficient to satisfy our day today’s need.

  • This has made necessary to think of Recycle and Reuse of available water. “TRISHNA” Grey water Treatment and reuse systems (GWTRS) are designed & developed for residential and commercial establishments to support the mission of Water conservation.
  • It is observed that our major need of water for our domestic activity is for “Toilet Flushing" and “Gardening”. Near about 65 % of our total water need is to satisfy these activities. The quality of this water usage is not essentially be of Potable quality.

  • If wash water generated from our Bathing / Shower / Laundry Activities, can be treated & recycled back for Toilet flushing & gardening activities then our fresh water usage will be reduced drastically. This, not only will save money but also will reduce burden on depleting natural water resources.

  • The “Trishna” is an ultimate Grey water Treatment and reuse systems (GWTRS) which treats and recycle the wash water generated from Bathrooms / shower tubs or Laundry for Toilet flushing or Gardening water requirements.

  • These domestic or custom built treatment systems operate on eco-friendly biological process further purifies treated water using mild disinfection & adsorption and finally micro filtration process concludes treatment.

  • Finally, we get domestic Class A quality of water (10:10:10) which can be stored and reused back in a most eco friendly, compact way. "Trisha" GWTRS is a complete treatment & reuse system and not just a diversion system.

About Grey Water :

What is Grey water ?- Grey water is produced due to bathing and laundry operations from Residential as well as commercial establishment. Contamination level in this water is treatable by chemical and biological treatment methods.

Generation activities
Quantity, in Liters
Reuse application after treatment
Hand Basin Shower Bath
45- 60 / person / day
Gardening Toilet Flushing
Note :1
Laundry Rinse water
Washing Machines / Laundries
100-120 liters per wash
Gardening Toilet Flushing
Note :2

*Note 1 : Reuse is not recommended if any person living in the house is suffering from gastrointestinal diseases.

*Note 2 : Not recommend if the wash water generated from Nappy washings and detergent / chemicals used for washing, are of non eco friendly or hazardous for plants.

Operating Principle of “Trishna” (GWTRS) :
Grey-water produced from above mentioned sources are directed to a common underground Collection tank. Main purpose of this tank is to equalize peak flow or surges due to bathing or bath tub draining activities and to uniform the quality of received grey water from other sources such as laundries or wash basins. If excess flow is generated or is of unacceptable quality then the flow is diverted automatically to the sewer drain.

Pump provided in this tank gets activated automatically and collected grey water gets pumped to Bio-Chamber (BC1) in periodic cycles in the day.

Automatic level sensing system provided to protect the pump from dry running operation during low flow condition. Biologically treated grey water enters disinfection zone level tank where Disinfectant is added for disinfection using Chlorine tablets.

Disinfected treated grey water is further polished by activated carbon filter followed by tertiary micro filtration system. Finally treated class A grey water is stored in the Reuse water tank. It then will be utilized for desired application.

In built safety measures are provided so that if Produced treated water is in excess than the consumption then it will be automatically diverted to the sewer system to avoid any flooding in the system.

System Components of “Trishna”
Operation of this automatic and user friendly treatment system can be classified following unit operations and processes.

  • Raw water collection.
  • Aerobic biological treatment chamber.
  • Tertiary polishing and filtration system.
  • Automatic control system.

With this complete degradation & reuse operation methods, this eco friendly & fully automatic, compact & easy to use features has made "Trishna" as a treatment unit and not only as a Diverter system.

Legend :
1. Collection Tank
2. Pump
3. Bio-Chamber
4. Level tank
5. Tertiary Purification
6. Control Panel
7. Reuse Water Tank
Grey Water Treatment Systems

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